Levine Cancer Institute Expansion

Situated in downtown Charlotte, the 200,000 square-foot Levine Cancer Center Expansion was an especially interactive design assist venture that benefited greatly from our close collaboration with the design engineer. Utilizing Revit and BIM 360, our team agreed that the design engineer (contracted to the GC) would model only the major equipment, plumbing fixtures and pump / duct risers. Kirlin-Way Mechanical then took the designers model and generated all mains and branches on each floor to complete the design. We then annotated sizes of all services and met weekly with the design engineer via web meeting to perform reviews of finished floor designs. The engineer then took our collaboratively created design, stamped, and issued the CD's. In addition to finishing the design to help reduce the workload on the engineering team, Kirlin-Way Mechanical also ran preliminary clash detection efforts early. This will assist the design team with identifying major structural issues prior to issuance of final construction documents. These front-end efforts paid dividends as we had significant team buy in and intimate knowledge of the project long before stepping foot on the site. The mechancial cost for this expansion was $18,500,000. The renovation of the existing center is currently in progress and the projected mechanical cost is $1,500,000.