UNC Mary Ellen Jones Laboratory Building

The UNC Mark Ellen Jones Laboratory Building is a 225,000 sqaure-foot; 11-story renovation that incorporates current technologies and research laboratory design into the eminent and occupied laboratory building, orginally constructed in 1978 on the UNC Chapel Hill School of Medicine campus. The building is the home of the Department of Microbiology & Immunology. The building's mechanical and electrical infrastructure is completely overhauled to support the cutting-edge research occuring in the labs, research areas, and vivarium. The first-floor vivarium, along with existing research spaces on floors three and four, remain in operation while floors six through ten undergo complete renovations to meet the updated UNC wet lab standards. The eleventh floor is left ready for build-out at a future date. Complex sequencing is needed to keep this occupied building up and running at all times. The second-floor mechanical spaces receive a staged rebuild and complete systems replacement in a sequence necessary to maintain operations of the existing occupied floors; the existing fifth floor is used as a mechanical transition floor during the renovations. The mechanical contract value is $22,000,000.