Palmetto Health Baptist Parkridge Hospital

Kirlin-Way Mechanical providedall of the mechanical, plumbing, and medical as systems for this 220,000 square-foot project constructed in Columbia, South Carolina. In addition to being the mechanical contractor for this project, Kirlin-Way Mechanical was also a Design-Assist partner. The heart of the HVAC system is a free-standing Central Energy Plant (CEP). The plant consists of two 800-ton water cooled chillers, two 200-horse-power boilers, primary chilled water pumps, heating hot water pumps, and one two celled cooling tower. The CEP was designed to allow for the future expansion of boilers, chillers, and cooling towers. The main mechanical space, housed in the basement of the hospital, contained 9 air handling units, 4 heat exchangers, secondary pumps, and the BMS control room. The hospital has 350 VAV boxes, over 900 plumbing fixtures, and 120 medical gas booms and head walls.