UNC Physical Science Building

This New Physical Science Building is the third building in The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's new science complex. The project involved the construction of a new five story Science Lab Building with renovation in adjacent existing lab buildings. Kirlin-Way Mechanical is very proud to have been the mechanical and plumbing contractor chosen on all three in the complex. The Phase 1 included two new buildings and it got underway in 2004; Phase 2 began in 2005 and encompassed modifications and additions to the two buildings from Phase 1, as well as this submission's 3rd building which was specifically started in 2007. Overall coordination and installation of the equipment, piping, lab gas, and air distribution systems was challenging due to need to locate everything in comprised laboratory and penthouse spaces above the classrooms and lower floor labs. The project was comprised of 30 laboratory suites with over 80 fume hoods. Support labs, classrooms, lecture hall, and library were included to round out the department. After completion of the main project work was awarded to fit-up shell space for six additional laboratories along with renovation for a fluid's lab. This work required scheduled shut downs to make connections to existing systems without disruption of the operating labs on the other floors.